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Introverted Network Marketer asks:

I have a fear of asking when is a good time for a meeting, and hear them saying “call me now, I have 10m” because I like to prepare things, but if I have to prepare before I call every prospect, it will slow my work tremendously. What should I do?

If I have to prepare before every call I make to try to secure a meeting, it will be very inefficient, because 90% of my work will go to the garbage AND it will slow my work a lot.

On the other hand, if they reply “call me now, I have 10m”, I’m not prepared and I don’t feel it’s genuine to tell them “I don’t have 10m” right now.

What should I do?


Introverted Network Marketer,

There are three roles in every recruiting scenario and no one person should ever play two roles.

They are:

  1. The Prospect – the person investigating the company whether it’s their first look or tenth.
  2. The Presenter – the person who is going to do 90% of the talking with the prospect. This is typically a member of the inviter’s upline but can also be someone else in their team/downline.
  3. The Inviter – the person who invited the prospect. After extending the invitation this persons job is to introduce and edify the presenter.

For example, let’s say Jane invites Tom. Whenever Tom says he is able to have the call, if it’s 10 minutes or two days, Jane’s job is to get on a call with Tom and introduce Tom to the Presenter. She might say, “Tom this Gary. By day Gary is a very successful (insert Gary’s profession here) and started his (insert company name here) business X (months or years) ago and had has done very well (if Gary has achieved a rank in the company you might add that).

And then simply turn the call over to Gary and let him tell Tom about the company. At that point Jane’s job is done for the time being. After the call it’s either enrolling the person or getting them to the next meeting/webinar/event.

Network Marketing success is based on a transferable set of skills. If the skill set can’t be transferred to the new enrollee (in other words anyone should be able to do it) then it can’t be duplicated.

In the meantime, Jane should be listening to Gary. As Gary is “presenting” what he’s really doing is simply telling a story. He’s telling the story of the company in his own words. Jane’s responsibility is to hear the story of the company from as many people as she can as many times as it takes until she can tell the story of the company in her own words. Then she can be the presenter for other people.

Follow this system and all you have to do is coordinate and connect other people.


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