Why, Not What.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” -Simon Sinek

What informs. Why inspires.

Informed without inspired, or what without why, doesn’t move people.

Why inspires action.

Inspire: verb – to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something

When your why resonates with your who they’ll do anything you want them to do. They will follow, do, share, and they will buy.

If you haven’t heard about @CainesArcade yet, well…you have now!  Caine is a 9 year old boy who built an arcade out of cardboard boxes. Checkout his inspiring story and the flashmob that made him the happiest kid on the planet. His story brought in over 1 million views in 2 days. It also brought in over 100K in for his scholarship fund in 3 days.

@OrlyShani‘s story makes it easy to like her because we know her why, we get it, we can relate to it, and what she does with it is cool and makes sense. Check it out here.

@CDixonAI11‘s story makes it easy to like him. He didn’t even want to tryout for season 11 of American Idol and as of tonight he is one of 7 finalists. Check out his story here.

Now for your pop quiz.

It takes 5-6 whys to get to the truth.

Question #1:  Why do you do what you do? (or perhaps…Why do you want to do, what you want to do?)

Question #2: Why?

Question #3: Why is that?

Question #4: Why?

Question #5: Why is that?

Question #6: Why?

Write #6 down.

Perfect it. Memorize it. Share it.


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